Dear Parent/Guardian,

Public Health provides free vaccinations to grade 7 students in the schools in the Fall and in the Spring. Grade 8 students are also eligible to receive these vaccines at the school clinic if they missed them in grade 7.  

Students in Grade 7 are offered three important vaccines that help to protect them from:

  • Meningococcal disease - Protects against 4 of the most common strains of meningococcal disease (A, C, Y, and W135) that can lead to meningitis, a bacterial infection of the lining of the brain and spinal cord that is extremely contagious and potentially fatal. 

  • Hepatitis B - Protects against liver cancer and liver disease caused by the hepatitis B virus. This vaccine is often required or recommended for travel, post-secondary school, and certain jobs. 

  • Human Papillomavirus - Protects against cancers of the head, neck, genitals, and anus, as well as genital warts. These are associated with 9 of the high-risk strains of the human papillomavirus. 

I strongly recommend that you have your child vaccinated against these diseases. These vaccines are safe and effective and greatly reduce the risk of potentially life-threatening diseases when a completed series has been received.  

I ask that you:




If you do not want your child vaccinated at the school clinic or if your child has already received one or more of the vaccines listed above, it is still important for you to complete the consent form.   


Public Health wants school vaccinations to be a positive experience for students. If you have questions regarding this program or require assistance completing the consent form, please contact Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health at 1-800-265-7293 ext. 7006 to speak with a public health nurse.  



Dr. Matthew Tenenbaum's signature

Dr. Matthew Tenenbaum, MD, CCFP, MPH, FRCPC

Associate Medical Officer of Health